1. Smarterkey Hub

The Smarterkey Hub : Simply plug & play. With a modern industrial design the hub looks cool placed on your table or even fixed to the wall. You communicate with the Hub from your mobile phone using the latest communication platforms including GSM, wifi & Bluetooth. The Hub then opens your electronic door lock using secure encryted radio signals. Apple Home Kit home automation protocol IoS 8 compatible.

2. Smarterkey electronic lock

Smarterkey supply you with an approved electronic lock cylinder from our partner lock manufactuers. This replaces your existing euro cylinder. A DIY procedure. Any doubt we will send our Smarterkey lock installer to ensure a complete & correct installation at no extra cost. Our installer will also remove old locks and install the modern mortice euro cylinder solution. These locks are also commonly known as e-lock, smart lock, mobile lock we prefer to call them smart electronic locks.

3. Smarterkey Control Panel

from £10 / month subscription package. From your computer, tablet or mobile you can log in to your Smarterkey Control Panel where you control access to your front door. You can generate users like your dog walker, your care assistant or even an airbnb rental guest and create for them a secure access time period, when they can open your door from thier mobile device, always under your full control. With the Smarterkey Control Panel only you control who & when can open your door.

Smarterkey from £10 / month !

open when the lock cylinder flashes green

Open the door from your mobile phone

You or the people you authorise* from your Smarterkey Control Panel can open the door using a mobile phone. Simply make a call or send a text(SMS) to your unique Smarterkey phonenumber to open the lock. Even easier if you use the Smarterkey app on your smartphone to open the lock. IoS 8 Home Kit smart connected home platform was integrated during 2015 for the Apple Home Automation protocol.

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Smarterkey is used by airbnb hosts & guests.

Brian rents out his apartment on airbnb.com and he has over 15 new guests every month, he was running back & forth nearly every day to meet & greet new guests to give them the keys. Now with Smarterkey Brian can get on with his life whilst his guests travel relaxed arriving at his appartment in their own time and both with complete peace of mind knowing they can use Smarterkey to let themselves in.

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No need to hand out copies of your keys or leave keys under the door mat for your cleaner or dog walker.

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Hub technology

The Smarterkey Hub is an intelligent device that recieves automatic upgrades to ensure it is always uptodate with the latest Smarterkey technology. The Hub is fitted with modern communication protocols so that Smarterkey can use GSM, wifi, bluetooth to talk to it. Your Smarterkey Control Panel communicates with the Smarterkey Hub through the Cloud. The Smarterkey Hub in turn speaks to the electronic door cylinder via RF to open the door. The Smarterkey intelligence is in the software that runs in the cloud and on the firmware in the Hub. In the near future the Smarterkey Hub will become your single device that will permit you to also control other electrical appliances in your home. Apple Home Kit compatible.*

Hub icons


Indicates if the Smarterkey Hub device is turned on or off.

GSM signal

Indicates the Smarterkey Hub is connected to a GSM network.


Indicates a connection error between the Hub and the lock.

RF signal

Indicates the Smarterkey Hub is correctly connected to the lock.


The new Smarterkey logo. "Opening doors in the cloud".

Urban design

The Smarterkey Hub urban design means it looks good in your home. Either fixed to the wall or placed on your side table.

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Easy DIY installation.

4 easy steps. Replace your euro cylinder with the Smarterkey electronic lock cylinder. Turn on the Smarterkey Hub. Sync the hub with the lock. Log into your Smarterkey Control Panel. Start using Smarterkey.

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Step 1 Buy Smarterkey Hub with Lock £ 499 Pre-order*

1 off single payment

Pre-order : Next delivery May 2017

A single hardware installation

1 Smarterkey Hub

1 Electronic Cylinder Lock

Hub & Lock 1 off payment £ 699

*Pre-order the hardware before buying a subscription plan to the Smarterkey Control Panel.

Step 2 Smarterkey Control Panel £ 10 / month*

monthly subscription

for Smarterkey owners

Control users

Allocate digital key

Monitor access control

Rolling monthly contract

*Purchase the monthly subscription for full control of you Smarterkey Control Panel.

Step 3 Smarterkey Mobile App FREE

for Property Owners

open your door

Allocate digital keys

for end users eg Airbnb Guests

Get your Smarterkey digital key

Open the house door

Need a Smarterkey to get in ? Then download the Smarterkey app to get your Smarterkey.

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